Legeneering is leading the industry in Dimensional Verification

By overlaying scan data from both the new components and the original environment, we are able to address potential clashes and verify fit prior to site installation by digitally placing manufactured items back into the site environment.

Using our process, you’re able to:

  • Verify & view connection alignments
  • Increase profitability
  • Eliminate or reduce on-site fabrication
  • Reduce coatings and touch-up work
  • Increase economy

Our use of this technology is game changing.

HD 3D Laser Scanners

Are used to produce point cloud data. A point cloud is a collection of points measured by the scanner.

The scan data can be imported into most drafting software packages, allowing the designer to model directly to the cloud. Alternatively, key items in the cloud can be populated into 3D Models and imported.

Our survey equipment, the Leica Multistation MS50, Leica P30 and Z & F 5010C, are all rated to an accuracy of +/-1mm.

Case Study


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3D Scan Data

Dimensional Verification

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