Submarine Cradle Success


Submarine Cradle Success

In May, Legeneeing secured a contract to fabricate, blast and paint a Submarine cradle extension for BAE Systems Australia. A full abrasive blast and protective coating system were required to ensure the cradle would endure throughout its lifetime.

Legeneering originally quoted 76 days for delivery in full, however, the PO was received 35 days prior to the delivery date. We’re proud to say, despite the significantly reduced time frame and a late revision of the construction drawings, we successfully delivered on time with zero safety incidents.  

Man standing to the right of his job

Andre with the turntable extension

The project consisted of over 56 Tonne of structural steel and 80 unique components. Dimensional Verification of each component was completed via our unique process to ensure a perfect onsite fit.

Two men performing a weld inspection

Weld inspection

Metal componants

Some of the components in the workshop

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